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Disclaimer: Use your own discretion when it comes to submitting anything to another party through a phone app or online. Anything submitted or rewarded with any of these apps is between you and that app only. The information given is based on my own experiences. The apps listed with referral codes allow us both to benefit from extra rewards.

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Did you know that you can get money back just by taking a picture of your grocery or shopping receipts? There are cell phone apps that are used to track our shopping patterns and habits. A lot of times coupons and money back offers are there to get customers to try new items, or to just purchase existing items. In return, they will give you cash or points towards cash. It is just $.25 here or $.50 there, but it really can add up if you get groceries as much I do. The trick is to only buy what you normally would. Don’t just buy something because there is an offer or a coupon for it. Otherwise, you are really spending more money than you normally would, which defeats the purpose. Below is a list of my personal favorite money back/saving apps.

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is a cash back rewards app. It allows receipts from a ton of different stores. Most of them are grocery stores, but there are online and clothing stores available as well. I use it mostly for groceries. The only catch with this app is it can only be used if the receipt has certain products on it. A lot of times they offer “any brand” cash back deals for milk, bread, or eggs. There are a lot of brand name specific items too. Be sure to add all offers you may use (by clicking the check box) from each store before scanning or it will not match with the items you purchased. $20 in rewards must be reached in order to cash out via PayPal or Venmo. If you are interested in this app, and would like to receive a $10 welcome bonus, feel free to use my referral code: rxmdsnc.

2. Fetch Rewards

The Fetch Rewards app uses a point system. The points can be cashed in for eGift cards to almost anywhere and even cash gift cards. Regardless of how the points are traded in, it’s still money back that otherwise would not be there! The best part of this app is they accept a receipt from many different grocery stores, and you don’t have to select certain products. Almost all grocery receipts will get you points in some way. If you would like to get 2,000 points once you upload your first receipt, please use my referral code: N1REM.


This app is basically an app version of the website that many know and love. If a store loyalty card is linked to this app, it will automatically use the product coupons for those items when going through checkout. The items must be added to that store’s coupon section before checking out. Stores without loyalty cards allow coupons to be selected for the items you purchased. Then simply take a picture of the receipt, and (once approved) cash will be sent straight to a PayPal account.

4. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is the newest money back app I have tried, but it works much like the other cash back apps. They accept receipts from many different stores and have a slew of brand names to choose from. Choose the items you purchased from their offer list and snap a picture. Approved offers will be added to the account balance. Once you reach $20 in rewards, they will mail you a check.

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